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You chart

the course.

a wide range of services for your new or existing brand

We'll do the rest.

Whichever service below fits your need, they all start with you. Your story is the most important part of what we do. We listen closely to your hopes and points of confusion, like an ally—or a scuba instructor, one who has an extra tank and supplies for anything that happens, so you can keep swimming along. 

A new client relationship starts with our discovery process and develops a package around the number of deliverables and number of people involved. This is one investment that will pay dividends for decades. Trust us. 

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brand naming and re-naming


Your name is a huge part of your brand. It's often the first interaction your audience will have with your company—your first impression. Your brand name should reflect what is already inside and leave room for growth of meaning. A lot goes into a name and its support, we can help.

discovery process
competitive analysis
brand naming
naming rationale
descriptor development
trademark search
linguistic testing
Brand Naming
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We have an elementary approach to brand strategy and positioning, crayons included. These pure and simple exercises speak to the essence of your brand foundation in a way which removes external pressures, allowing you to focus on your unique qualities. 

tagline development
mission + vision
core values
employer branding
brand persona

brand voice
elevator pitches
brand story

brand strategy and your position

Brand Strategy

creative services


While short-form, long lasting content is our niche, we love working with companies to develop high level concepts for multi-channel campaigns. It is common to link your important external work to your internal foundation, and who better than the team who knows it well.

employee handbooks
corporate brochures
print advertising
Creative Services

Can't decide?
A call can help.

Jacob, Founder

Grayword's work was enlightening. The thoughtful, if unconventional, questions evoked real ideas with real power to create a brand that will last. Couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Mark, CEO

A few words summarize our experience working with Grayword—creativity and professionalism. Chris played a vital role in helping us creatively reshape our mission and vision. Well done!

Sarah, Co-Founder

Chris was the first person to truly listen to our vision for the company. He translated our jumbled up ideas into beautiful, concise content that helped us identify our goals. This was the most important and valuable part of our rebrand.

Staci, CMO

We've always had a unique niche and vision, but were never able to quite put it into words—until we found Grayword. We now have the right branding that says exactly who we are.

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