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Clearly communicating the purpose-driven brand. Colorado Springs based, without borders. 

Good insights. Once a month.

As in a river, so in a writing, clearness is the best quality, and a little that is pure is worth more than much that is mixed.
—Henry Van Dyke

You’re still here?

Enjoy a few obscure photographs from memorable moments in the creative industry.

Yep, that’s a real smile. I still love what I do. Years in the creative industry, much like dog years, are multiplied. Rarely do people stay in without burning out, offering generic solutions, or stepping away. Why is that a big deal?

You need an interpreter who you trust. One who makes strong recommendations, rooted in your heart and sound logic. One who seeks to know your company and deliver custom solutions that resonate with your team and audience.

My name is Chris Murphy—a loving husband, father of two, and loyal friend. And here’s my promise to you: I will listen without distraction. I will be smart with your time. I will care for your team. And I will give you all I have in the tank.


Because when you’re using your God-given gifts, they give even more back to you. My tank is never dry. 

I’ve served for-profit and nonprofit clients for over a decade, from small startup to $500M+ equity partners. My work has crossed all content mediums and hit industries across the spectrum.

I believe the right words come with ease for a company that knows itself. And those words are buzzing with energy.

My values are my mission.


The creative process is at its strongest without distraction. Likewise, the messaging of a strong and focused company culture. 


The greatest dart ever thrown would still miss without a target—seek first the outcome, and the rest follows.


Like a ship sailing across a sea, one degree off-course will shift the landing. Get the ball rolling is the norm, but not the solution.


The point of human purpose points back to people. And if people build companies, then our companies must follow suit.

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