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We find

your pearls.

a discovery process for your brand's longterm value

branding grown from the inside


Time and time again we have seen founders and CEOs pay vast sums of money for clever solutions which have low correlation to their company's core. A flash-in-the-pan idea comes with equally short-lived impact.

With the right words and strategy in place, a company finds longterm stability and success—whether a startup looking to establish a strong direction or a legacy brand needing a refresh after a founder steps down.


We believe the right words come with ease to a company that knows itself. It is our mission, to help draw the inside out, in a clear and compelling way. In our vision, we see a trifecta: genuine words, brand longevity, and healthier company cultures.

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We listen to perspectives.

We love to be at the table for brainstorming meetings. This chaotic and brilliant space is a great source of raw ideas. Where they often fail is the end connection. We find ways to connect seemingly disconnected ideas in an effortless and concise way, leaving everyone happy and well-represented. 

We employ logos and pathos.

Future success of an idea can be fleshed out by gut feeling, logic, and delivery (and the right audience). Our work undergoes rigorous testing to ensure an idea makes sense from all angles and also 'feels right' from an emotive perspective. You bring the ethos, we'll bring the rest. Great words will never lose their edge—ask Winston Churchill.

We practice patience.

It's common for agencies to mimic your competition as a quick way to move past an unknown. At Grayword, the blank page is exciting. We want to give you a solution as unique as your company and are willing to work through the unknown to find it. When the words become gray, don't panic; you have a lifeline.


our wheel house

One month of work.
Over a decade of relevance.

Step One:

Key individuals from all tiers (newly hired, C-suite, board, etc.) are selected for one-hour interviews. No prep is required, just a fresh brain and undisturbed time. 

Step Two:

Interviews are transcribed and searched for common threads in language and motivation. These threads are woven into the brand in a way which feels natural and effortless.

Step Three:

Findings are presented to key staff, ideally, in person. Due to the depth of strategy, this meeting can feel like a fire hydrant of ideas, so bring your rain jacket with you.

Step Four:

One round of editing is included. When you write content meant to last 10 years or more, it must be precise. Our process hits close to the mark. Few edits are generally needed.

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