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Brand Naming + Renaming

It is easy to get discouraged in your search for the right name. We apply your strengths to craft a diverse stable of options with varied style and connection points—employing tactics which give you a clear lane.

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Who you are as a company extends beyond a name and product/service. Legacy brands and startups equally benefit from foundational messaging which clarifies the 'why' for a workforce's shared output.

Creative Services 

Your high-level marketing deliverables require high-level ideation. We deliver concepts with room to expand across all platforms and content lengths, while adhering to your brand persona and foundation.

words with depth

We serve honest founders and CEOs.

Why honest?

Fundamental changes to your brand must be embodied long after the work is done. Our discovery process dives deep and takes your word to heart—if your team spins a story, we spin a story, and the product won't endure.

B2B + B2C Startups 

Product or service entities can greatly benefit from early brand and positioning work, not just in brand name development, but establishing an elastic mission and vision. Placeholder words bring placeholder employees, and turnover or split-ups are the last thing you want to worry about as you look ahead. It's better to start off from a point of clarity before moving forward.

Legacy Brands

There is a delicate balance between honoring the history of a brand while infusing new ideas. This period of transition can be especially difficult for founders who are stepping down or assuming a position on the board.


If you're thinking about your company's legacy and successor, you are already a step ahead; yet, even the best CEO can struggle to maintain direction once you leave the day-to-day. With the right words, they can take an exciting new step while still honoring those who came before.


Can crayons help branding?

Brynne, CEO 
Private Equity Portfolio

Grayword effectively synthesized multiple inputs into a common voice for our new enterprise. Our name, tagline, and website have generated positive reactions from shareholders, CEOs, employees, and customers. We were extremely fortunate to engage Grayword. 

Dan, Founder
Family Office

Grayword helped us land on the right solution with thorough and thoughtful questions, a systematic process, and creative ideation that aligned with our strategic objectives. Would highly recommend.

Jacob, Founder/CEO
Financial Education

Grayword's work was enlightening. The thoughtful, if unconventional, questions evoked real ideas with real power to create a brand that will last. Couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Eric, Founder/CEO 

Twenty years of familiarity with our own work had us in the clouds. We knew we had something special, but could not put it clearly into the right words. Grayword quickly provided clarity—now we have new energy and confidence.

Staci, CMO
Commercial Construction

We've always had a unique niche and vision, but were never able to quite put it into words—until we found Grayword. We now have the right branding that says exactly who we are.

Sarah, Co-Founder
Outdoor Goods

Chris was the first person to truly listen to our vision for the company. He translated our jumbled up ideas into beautiful, concise content that helped us identify our goals. This was the most important and valuable part of our rebrand.

Mark, CEO

A few words summarize our experience working with Grayword—creativity and professionalism. Chris played a vital role in helping us creatively reshape our mission and vision. Well done!

Luke, Co-Founder
Property Management

Chris impressed me with his in-depth research and creativity. He brought real value with his unique insights!

Let's dive in.

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