Be confident in your content, with grayword.

When words won't come easy, you are having a grayword moment.

These moments tend to happen with the important messages, where you are trying to say a lot in a very little amount of space. 

It takes effort to write an essay—it takes energy to condense your words. That's why, after two drafts, it feels like your brain ran a marathon.

The content areas that use the most energy are:


Two drafts. 

This is the average before raising the white flag.

After hitting this number, most teams will outsource work, mimic the competition, or settle for a generic word solution. What else is there to do? Time and headspace are not exactly at a surplus.


If you face a lack of clarity and choose the quick way forward, you give up control. It's not the best option for your company's "high energy" content.


I believe words come with ease to the company that knows itself.


Hey, I'm Chris.

Through in-depth interviews, I listen closely to the challenges and points of confusion in a company's direction, then connect ideas and articulate answers.


It is my hope, that through this process, companies will grow confident in their content and using their brand voice.

For 10 years, I have worked in the creative industry as a marketer, copywriter, content strategist, and creative director (in that order). 


Grayword is the culmination of these experiences—and its process, the crown jewel.



"Chris was the first person to truly listen to our vision for the company. He translated our jumbled up ideas into beautiful, concise content and helped us identify our goals. This was the most important and valuable part of our rebrand."

Sarah, Founder | Outdoor Industry

This is not copywriting.

It's a discovery process which uses you as the lens.


Here's how it works:


Interviews of key staff members, board, and (when requested) top clients or partners. Each one lasts 1-2 hours (less for clients). No preparation is required, just a fresh brain and undisturbed time. All interviews are securely recorded in audio form by Grayword.


Synthesis of the subjective data follows. Grayword transcribes interviews and searches for commonality in client responses and meaningful phrases to infuse into company content. The more interviews, the longer the synthesis will take.


A summary of findings is presented to key staff members. Deliverables vary by client, but can include: status of the internal culture, conversation mapping, brand personality, naming, tagline, elevator pitches, mission, values, or brand story.


One round of editing is included. When you are working on content that is expected to hold up to a company's lifetime, it must be precise. The unique Grayword process hits very close to the mark, after which, a few minor edits are generally needed.

Your plan is built on people.

starting at $2,000

If you're starting or refreshing a solo venture, this is a valuable investment for your growth. When all eyes are on you—know what you'll say.


starting at $3,000

Two minds have two different perspectives to balance, which takes work to synthesize. This package is perfect for new business partners.



per added person

More people, more precise results. This discovery is a great way to connect your team together, whether it's 5 people or 50, local or remote. 

After first contact, we can establish a plan that fits your needs. Further work—web content, corporate brochures, advertising campaigns, writing classes, etc.—is approved on a case-by-case basis and not included in initial process. 

It's all written already—in your heart and mind. You can count on me to listen, then help you piece it together.


Let's connect.

Thanks. I will contact you soon.