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Clearly communicating the purpose-driven brand.

The entry point into articulating your important words and persona is to get leaders on the same page. Grayword uses a streamlined process to navigate this often time-consuming and fruitless practice.

1. Culture Drivers

Once your leaders are operating from the same definition, we can bring the message to your greater company. Grayword develops simple values and benchmarks that make it easy for employees to align and represent.

2. Company

Here’s the really fun part. When your company aligns, your people are the greatest magnet for new customers. Grayword adds to this new strength with big ideas and campaign work that are unique in the landscape.

3. Audience

It starts simply,
then grows 3x.

Chris really impressed us with his in-depth research and creativity in our naming endeavor. He brought real value with his unique insights.


Chris is a master at word reduction! It’s not easy to “hand the microphone” to someone else, but his process to understand our mission proved very successful. He made our website succinct, clear, and powerful.

Courage Schools

Chris possesses an innate skill to connect with individuals, understanding their core values and business objectives, and skillfully weave them into compelling narratives. His talent lies in crafting deeply resonant stories that truly capture the essence of his clients.

Agency Partner

Chris was the first person to truly listen to our vision for the company. He translated our jumbled up ideas into beautiful, concise content that helped us identify our goals. This was the most important and valuable part of our rebrand.


Twenty years of familiarity with our own work had us in the clouds. We knew we had something special, but could not put it clearly into the right words. Chris’ process gave us a new name, new energy, and confidence.

Home In Him

Grayword helped us land on the right name with thorough and thoughtful questions, a systematic process, and a creative ideation that aligned with our strategic objectives.

Family Office Client

A few words summarize our experience working with Chris—creativity and professionalism. He played a vital role in helping us reshape our core.

Davar Ministries

I was shocked by how well he captured our essence and missional focus. I’d highly recommend anyone who is clarifying their focus to consider Chris as a Sherpa. He’ll not lead you astray.

Nonprofit Client

My client jumped from 80 applicants per month to 349 in a day. That’s 4x.

They attracted more qualified prospects who were already using the law firm’s brand language. That’s the power of a purposeful brand. We started with a deep look, then found the right team to support.

Pricing based on you.

Together, we’ll get started with a discovery process, then identify your needs. Whether you need naming, tagline work, core values, a new website tone, or whatever else. If it has words, we can do it—a la carte.

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Clearly communicating the purpose-driven brand. Colorado Springs based, without borders. 

The exercises Chris took our team through were incredibly revealing and helped our team coalesce around who we really are and the things we seek to accomplish. What used to take a lot of words is distilled into key statements we use in explaining our mission and purpose.


Chris has the uncanny ability to unearth the soul of a project. Most of us simply wordsmith, or design, or strategize. Chris manages to clarify something more vital which was nearly forgotten: the identity which motivates, creates a healthy culture, and builds a thriving brand. 

King Grizzly

Chris effectively synthesized multiple inputs into a common voice for our new enterprise. Our name and tagline have generated positive reactions from shareholders, CEOs, employees, and customers. 

Blue Thread

We’ve always had a unique niche and vision, but were never able to quite put it into words—until we found Chris. We now have the right branding that says exactly who we are.

Rusin Concrete
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