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Something about something that matters.

Then we match services to your needs.

Brand Naming

  • 4-5 unique names (non-iterative)

  • Descriptor recommendations​

  • .com/.org available for purchase

  • Rationale based on discovery findings

  • Search engine/social handle search

  • Corporate entity search

  • Linguistic testing

  • Plus a quick editing round

Values + Standards

We develop simple, memorable internal language that hits all the marks. A culture fit is increasingly important to workplace excellence, and you can’t be there to guide every moment. With the right language, you can center your company culture on shared values, instead of your personal drive and time.

Discovery Phase
starting at $7,500

An in-depth discovery provides the source of inspiration for following work. Think of it like tuning a guitar. When the guitar is tuned, it just plays. No off notes or wasted time. I will get to know your company on an intimate level, identifying areas of harmony and disconnect in the leadership team.


This phase creates a level of buy-in that keeps the team moving forward. No more wasted meetings or dissension.

3-7 People*

You choose the culture drivers in your company who will speak into the future. Then we start digging. Each individual is interviewed one-on-one in an open-ended format. *Pricing changes based on # individuals. In special cases, we may need more or less people than 3-7.

Persona Study

Grayword uses a proprietary blend of questions and exercises to clearly articulate the persona of the company, based on individual answers and commonalities found. This persona is applied to a strategy map with examples of how to use.

Heart Work

We'll write your foundational statement as a company, or refine existing language, while measuring how accurate the words really are. We will compare what is said, versus what is written, and find the best way to say it.

Voice Guide

A clear, actionable set of guidelines give your internal writer or marketing lead the right tone to apply across all language where your brand shows up.

The Big Idea

​What is the simple, powerful idea you are going to put everywhere? My former client has Shockingly Smart™ for their tagline, and it is a launching point for so much more, both internal and external. This option includes tagline discovery, elevator pitches, and early direction on integrating across your marketing.

The Campaign

  • 3 campaign directions for a strong roll-out

  • Aligned with persona map and big idea

  • Varied levels of cost to properly execute

  • You pick the channels (social, web, print, etc.), and I create examples for proof of concept.

  • 5 additional hours of time included for guiding selected campaign direction

The exercises Chris took our team through were incredibly revealing and helped our team coalesce around who we really are and the things we seek to accomplish. What used to take a lot of words is distilled into key statements we use in explaining our mission and purpose.


Chris has the uncanny ability to unearth the soul of a project. Most of us simply wordsmith, or design, or strategize. Chris manages to clarify something more vital which was nearly forgotten: the identity which motivates, creates a healthy culture, and builds a thriving brand. 

King Grizzly

Chris effectively synthesized multiple inputs into a common voice for our new enterprise. Our name and tagline have generated positive reactions from shareholders, CEOs, employees, and customers. 

Blue Thread

We’ve always had a unique niche and vision, but were never able to quite put it into words—until we found Chris. We now have the right branding that says exactly who we are.

Rusin Concrete

Let’s make a plan.

Don’t wait for another time. These important words and ideas streamline everything you will do in your marketing wheelhouse. Even more, it will win people—from your board to your employees and the customer you seek to engage.

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Clearly communicating the purpose-driven brand. Colorado Springs based, without borders. 

Need something else?
It’s just $150/hr.

Website Work

Any foundational change often comes with a rework of an existing website or development of a new one. Once we complete the Discovery phase, there’s no one better to help guide your words and flow. I can lead your wireframing, website content, and visual direction. 

Grayword works alongside a talented mix of web development partners who can deliver on the vision, whether big shift or small change.

Pitchdecks + Annual Reports

Clients of mine frequently request annual reports and pitch decks to raise funding and communicate the greater mission. Stakeholders and donors have increasingly high expectations for the heart-based language, but are jaded by flowery messaging that everyone uses. We can help you stand out.

Employee Handbooks

This is a natural follow-up to Discovery and Values work. Incoming employees need a clear introduction to the company’s heart. Not just the HR rules and expectations. Together, we will build a digital handbook that says exactly who you are, in a quick, engaging, and memorable way. Training is just as valuable for the intangible culture of your team. 

Agency Partnership

Need a strong writer that you don’t have in-house? I’ve worked inside of and alongside agencies for the span of my career. You’ll find a true teammate in achieving your goals, who can adapt to your creative philosophies. I am open to partnership and white label opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

When you invest in your foundation, you invest in everything you do.

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